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The Comfort System by TripGear.
The first product that allows you to rest fully and comfortably while seated upright.

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About TripGear

For over a century, travelers have been tinkering with pillows and eye masks, hoping to find a better solution to sleeping on the move. TripGear has developed the first and best solution for a restful, deep sleep while sitting. TripGear’s revolutionary Comfort System solves the most pressing problems of sleeping while traveling by working with the way our bodies rest naturally, not against it. Travelers and chiropractors alike are touting The Comfort System as the future of restful travel.

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How the TripGear Comfort System

Eye Mask

The Comfort System’s headband/eye mask component is one of the keys to relaxing without the dreaded “head bob.” The traveler avoids this situation with the TripGear System by simply resting their arms in the hammock which then holds their head comfortably in place with the eye mask.

Like all the core components of The Comfort System, our headband is made from soft, flexible bamboo fabric. Bamboo fabric is also unique in that it cools or warms based on ambient conditions. Never wake up shivering or sweaty again!


Pillow Sleeve

The Comfort System Pillow Sleeve helps our Eye mask pivot behind your back. The Pillow Sleeve, not to be confused with a traditional U-shaped neck pillow, actually connects to the arm hammock itself, acting as a lever for the entire system.

The Pillow Sleeve also has magnetic attachment points for accessories such as our Travel Blanket to allow you to build the complete sleep system that’s right for your travel style.


Arm Hammock

The foundational component of our Comfort System is the Arm Hammock. This “hammock” allows you to comfortably rest your arms in the bamboo-fleece pocket. When you do so, the weight of your own arms adds just a little bit of pressure to the headband, keeping your head stationary and preventing your neck from rolling. There are multiple magnetic connection points involved in The Comfort System. This enables accessories such as your Travel Blanket and Shoulder Strap, each sold separately, to attach to your arm hammock. Future accessories are also planned to add more functionality to your sleep experience.


The Comfort System

  • keeps your head upright while resting
  • prevents head "bob"
  • recommended by professional chiropractors for more comfortable travel
  • made from temperature-regulating, ultra-soft bamboo fabric
  • folds up compactly
  • attaches securely to your carry-on
  • completely machine-washable
  • proudly made in the U.S.A., in Charlotte, North Carolina
  • optional accessories like the travel blanket and should strap (each sold separately)
  • Allows for customization for future accessories
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